Plants in the Grand Canyon

There are well over 1700 known species of plants in the Grand Canyon Park. This variety is due to the 8000 foot elevation from the rim of the canyon to the Colorado River on the bottom.

63 varieties in the Grand Canyon have been given special status by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. There are also a dozen endemic varieties that are only known with the Grand Canyon. Ten percent of the flora are exotic.

A riparian community exists along the Colorado River. Some of the most common varieties are...

         arrowweed             seep willow             cat claw acacia       honey mesquite    


       exotic tamarisk      coyote willow


Above the river is a desert scrub community that contains these common varieties...

         creosote bush         white bursage          brittle bush            Ocotillo    


       four wing salt brush     big sage brush       black brush         rubber rabbitbrush


Above the desert at 6,200 feet is the pinon and juniper woodland. Included here are...

           snake weed            Mormon tea          Utah agave              banana yucca


        Indian rice grass



The Ponerosa Pine forests grow between 6,500 ft to 8,200 feet on both and north and south rims. Common plants are...

Gambel Oak

New Mexico locust

Mountain mahogany


Creeping mahonia


Above 8,200 feet you will find spruce fir forests with...

Englemann spruce

blue spruce

Douglas fir


mountain ash

Some of the grasses at this elevation are..



lupines and asters

A permit is needed for picking plants in the Grand Canyon National Park.

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