Activities For Kids

The Grand Canyon is something your kids should experience. They will learn about it in school through stories and pictures but they will really love seeing it for real.

The Grand Canyon is the world's largest gorge at almost 300 miles long. It is 2000 square miles, one mile down and 10 miles across rim to rim. The layers of the canyon walls are from 270 million years old at the rim to 2 billion years old at the Vishnu schist at the base of the canyon. This represents most of earth's geological history.

There are many activities for children.

  • If you are visiting the north rim, here are some trails that are kid friendly...

    • Bright Angel Point

      This trail is .05 miles round trip

    • Cliff Springs Trail

      This trail is 1.0 miles round trip and they will see a prehistoric ruin.

    • Cape Royal Trail

      This trail is .6 miles round trip and baby strollers and wheelchairs are appropriate for this trail.

      If your children are 7 years old or older they can take a mule trip from the North Rim. This is a shorter trip than from the South Rim. The mules don't go all the way to the river but the scenery is wonderful. To go on the mule trip contact North Canyon Trail Rides.

  • Junior Ranger Program

    This program lets children play games and have fun while learning about the Grand Canyon ecology, history and animals. Pick up a Junior Ranger activity book at the visitor center. The children will need to complete four activities in the book. The activities are based on their age. After they have completed the activities, they return the book to the visitor center and the park ranger will review their work.

    The book covers such subjects as petroglyphs, habitats, geology, wildlife and learning about safety and respect for the environment.

    They will also take a Ranger led program. After completing the activities and the program. The kids will be sworn in as a Junior Ranger and will get to wear a badge just like the Park Rangers wear. The kids see this as a very special honor.

    There are also educational programs available for teachers and students during the school year.

  • Camps for Teenagers

    There is a rim to river program for teenagers. The teenagers can ride the rapids of the raging Colorado River, go on a scientific dig for archeological and geological treasures, and explore wild spaces and learn about history.

    They will be accompanied by experts and park rangers along the way. Programs vary in length and the educational focus will be different for each camp.

  • Middle School

    Middle School Kids can participate in the Parks in Focus program. The Park Rangers lead these kids on a hiking adventure Kids in grade 6 through 8 learn nature photography and discover the grand Canyon's plants animals and landscapes. They will each receive camera as part of the program,

Think seriously about bringing the kids on a trip to the Grand Canyon. It will leave them with fond memories and they will have a really fun learning experience.

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