South Rim Hiking Trails

There are five main hiking trails on the Sout Rim:

  • Rim Trail

    This trail extends from the Grand Canyon Village to Hermit's Rest. You can use the shuttle bus to get off at whatever points of interest you have in mind. You see views of the inner canyon. Part of the trail is paved. Easy

  • Bright Angel Trail

    This trail starts just west of Bright Angel Lodge and is the most popular hiking trail on the South Rim. It has fantastic views of the inner canyon and is well maintained. It can be icy in the early spring and winter. Halfway down the trail is Indian Garden Campground. Close to this campground is a trail that will take you to Plateau Point which is one of the best viewpoints in the Grand Canyon. It's worth the time to hike over to the Plateau Point. This trail ends at Phantom Ranch. It's around 15 miles round trip. Strenuous

  • South Kaibab Trail

    This trail is steep and is a more direct route to the bottom of the canyon. There is little shade and no water. It has views in all directions. Upper portion of the trail can be extremely icy in the winter. Use caution. It is around 14 miles round trip. Strenuous

  • Hermit Trail

    This trail starts just west of Hermits Rest. It is very steep and the trail is unmaintained but manageable for experienced hikers. The trail ends at the Colorado River next to Hermit Rapid which is not to be missed. It is one of the most beautiful rapids in the Grand Canyon.

    If you want a shorter hike, you can hike to Santa Maria Spring which is 6-8 hours round trip about 3 miles or to Dripping Springs which is about 7 miles round trip. If you hike all of Hermit Trail it is around 19 miles round trip. Strenuous

  • Grandview Trail

    This trail is very steep. It starts at Grandview point about 12 miles east of Grand Canyon village on Desert View Drive .The trail conditions are tougher than the hiking trails at Bright Angel and South Kaibab. This trail is for experienced hikers. You will be able to hike to Coconino Saddle which is 2 miles round trip and Horse Shoe Mesa which is 6 1/2 miles round trip. You can camp at the campground at Horseshoe Mesa. There is no water source so prepare accordingly. The trail does not go all the way down to the Colorado River. This trail makes a good day trip. It's 6 miles round trip.Strenuous

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