North Rim Hiking Trails

When going on the North Rim hiking trails always check for road closures and weather conditions.

Here are considered some of the best North Rim hiking trails.

Roosevelt Point Trail

This .2 mile round trip is an easy walk through the woods. It is more of a viewpoint than a trail. It has a great view of the Grand Canyon. To find it turn onto the marked road driving towards Cape Royal Road. Easy

Bright Angel Point

This is a 1 mile round trail that begins at the Grand Canyon Lodge. Roaring Springs canyon is below and to the left and Transept is to the right. Easy

Cape Royal Trail

There is a 360 degree view at the end of this 1 mile round trip that many people say is the best view at the Grand Canyon. The trail is paved. The trail begins at Cape Royal parking lot. You will be able to walk out to Angel's Window. This is a popular place for weddings Easy

Cliff Springs Trail

there is a spectacular view of Angel's Window from this trail. It is a one mile round trip through a forested ravine. The trail ends at a nice spring. Beyond the spring is a dropoff of 1000 ft and the trail becomes very difficult. Easy

Transept Trail

This trail is an easy walk along the Transept Canyon. It has great views. You will be walking among the Ponderosa pines and will see some wildlife if you go early in the morning. The trail begins at the Grand Canyon Lodge and ends at the North Rim Campground. It is 3 miles round trip.Easy

Cape Final Trail

This is a 4 mile round trip that starts at the Cape Final Parking area. It goes to the easternmost tip of the Walhalla Plateau which has views of the Vishnu Temple, Jupiter Temple, and eastern Grand Canyon. This is considered by many to be the best views on the North Rim hiking trails.. You do need a permit to camp. Easy

Uncle Jim Trail

this trail was named after Uncle Jim Ownes who was a game warden for the US Forest Service in the 1900s. This is a 5 mile round trip that goes through a forested area and leads to an overlook of the Grand Canyon. This trail is shared with the mule riders. Easy

Cliff Spring Trail

This 1 mile round trip trail goes through a forested ravine and ends at a small spring. It is near the tip of Walhalla Plateau. It starts about a half a mile from the end of Cape Royal Road. Easy

Widforss Trail

Widforss Trail on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon was named for Gunnar Widforss who became known for his paintings of this area in the 1930's.This 10 mile round trip trail meanders up and down through the forest and has some good views from the rim on the way to the Widforss overlook. Camping permits are available for this trip.The Widforss Trail has several moderately steep uphill and downhill sections, but is level hiking for the most part. Along the way the trail skirts the Transept, on hikers left, for nearly 2.5 miles which offers some beautiful vistas to the south and east as the canyon deepens below. Far below and to the southeast, the Transept intersects with Bright Angel Creek where many hikers make their way down to Phantom Ranch. At 2.5 miles the guided hike (numbered posts) ends and the trail begins to wander deeper into the woods, through forested hollows and eventually will rise to a plateau and ridge. Easy

North Kaibab Trail

This is the only trail on the North Rim that descends into the Canyon. This trip is 28 miles round trip and should be done in 3 to 4 days. Hikers usually spend the night at Cottonwood Campground which is halfway down the trail. Some of the points of interest along the way are the Coconino Overlook, Roaring Springs and Ribbon Falls. The trail starts 2 miles north of the Grand Canyon Lodge. Strenuous

Thunder River Falls

This hike is considered one of the most strenuous hiking trails in the Grand Canyon. You will need to have advanced backcountry skills. There is exceptional Canyon scenery and some amazing sights. Don't miss seeing Deer Creek Narrows and Deer Creek Falls. This hike is 24 miles round trip and should take 3-4 days. The trail starts at Monument Point and ends at the Colorado River. Very strenuous

North Bass Trail

The North Bass Trail is considered by many Grand Canyon hikers the most strenuous and difficult of all the Grand Canyon trails. The North Bass Trail was constructed in the 1890s by William Wallace Bass. It was the continuation of the South Rim trail system and was called the Shinumo Trail.

It is a rim to rim route that is 14 miles (23.33 kms) one way. Parts of the trail are from the old trails used by the Native American peoples who lived in and around the Grand Canyon.

The route is rugged and recommended for only the most experienced hikers. Very strenuous

This hike begins at the end of Forest Service Road 268B at Swamp Point. The trail drops down to the Colorado River and ends on the Colorado river bank between Bass and Shinumo Rapids. If you enjoy hiking in solitude, you will be pleased that there are very few brave people who are willing to challenge themselves with this trail. You will find yourself pretty much alone.

You will need a 4 wheel drive vehicle to get to the starting point of this trail. There are no services available on this trail. You can get water from the Shinumo Creek and the Colorado River but is must be treated before consuming.

This is another trail where you must be aware of the weather. Best time to hike is late spring to early fall. The biggest potential problem is flash floods. Check with the park service before starting your hike.

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