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Grand Canyon Helicopter tour

If you are short on time there are companies offering half day helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon . Note that these tours go to an area outside Grand Canyon National Park. Most of the tours originate from Las Vegas. Although there are tours from Arizona as well.

The FAA does require each passenger to present a government issued photo identification such as a drivers license or a passport before boarding an aircraft.

To see the Grand Canyon on a helicopter is a photographers dream. You begin to understand the vastness of the canyon. You will be able to see the whole canyon in a short period of time.

If you are flying out of Las Vegas, you will probably be flying over the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead on your way to the Grand Canyon.

A tour usually only takes 6 people at a time. 2 people in the front row and 4 in the back.Note... the poorest viewing area will be in middle of the back seat.

You will have headphones and the pilot will give you a short introduction and then play a recorded narration. All of your comments including the narration will be recorded along with a video of the scenery. You will be able to purchase the video CD at the end of your trip. You will have a picture taken before you board the helicopter and you can purchase that as well.

The tour does include flying into the Grand Canyon so you can see it at rim level. They descend slowly for best effect. If your tour includes lunch, the pilot will land on a plateau just above the bottom of the canyon. You will have about a half hour to take pictures, eat and explore.

Prices vary so be sure to find out what kind of connecting transfers are involved. Some of the cheaper helicopter tours may involve long bus rides to a remote terminal and perhaps a long wait before you can can board the aircraft.

It will take about 45 minutes to fly back to Las Vegas.

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