Grand Canyon where the world is under your feet

by Joshua
(Titusville, FL)

The world still visits this wonder of the world and marvels at nature’s exquisite creation.

This is one of those places that I haven’t been able to visit even while I was living in the United States. Sounds silly, but it’s true!!! As much as I had heard about it and wanted to go, I somehow never got my plans finalized and executed.

Last year, my parents visited America for a cousin’s wedding. They planned to stay there for at least three months and had prepared a list of things to do and sites to see. One of them was the Grand Canyon. When they got back, I really wanted to know everything about this mysterious place.

They were in so much awe of it and had many interesting stories to narrate. They took mule rides all the way to the bottom of the Canyon as they didn’t want to hike. They visited both the North and South rims and were very impressed. The pictures they took said it all. My father is a skilled photographer and although this is not what he does for a living, most of us believe he should. As you can imagine, the pictures were simply awesome!!! The sunlight playing with the shades and creating a serene, almost eerie setting.

My Mom loved the Skywalk. It was thrilling and like she puts it, “Out of this world”. Imagine walking 4000 feet above the Colorado River, with just glass separating you from the deep Canyon. It’s thrilling but, scary!!!

The view that you get from the top, standing on this U-shaped observation deck, is simply spectacular!!! Priceless!!! While they were up there, a young lad proposed to his girlfriend and everyone clapped for joy when she said ‘yes’. I think it’s a great place to propose; extremely romantic!!!

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