Grand Canyon Memories

Whenever I would ask anyone about where to travel during the holidays, I would be told to go to the Grand Canyon. The best thing about the United States is that it has so many places to visit and see.

There’s Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, New York, Virginia, Los Angeles, Boston, San Antonio, Salt Lake City, and so on. But after I visited the Grand Canyon, I understood what all the fervor was surrounding it and realized why it was one of the wonders of the world.

Me and my best friend, Ryan, went to Arizona last week to finally see the Grand Canyon live. As our rental car approached the much-talk-about destination, I was left astounded. The steep-ridged gorge which had been carved by the Colorado River was spectacular. The wonders of it cannot possibly be represented in speech or words.

I stood by the ridge of one end of it for hours and marveled at God’s creation. Me and Ryan went to the Grand Canyon National Park then, which is one of the first national parks in the United States. I am not much of an enthusiast about nature, but the plant life and the wildlife were quite fascinating. We went hiking every morning, and took a canoe across the Colorado River. I took a helicopter tour around the city too and took in the breathtaking view of Grand Canyon from above. We extended our 4-day trip to the Grand Canyon to an entire week because of the many activities to do here and all the fun we were having!
When we headed back home to Boston, I took back with me a handful of pictures and plenty of cherished memories. The Grand Canyon is a wonderful place to visit, and when people ask me now where to venture during any holiday season, I suggest this place to them!

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